Q&E Engineering has extensive experience in all aspects of civil and structural engineering including feasibility studies, audit, analysis, design, construction supervision, and project management. While our core strength is structural engineering, our team also has expertise in civil engineering and architectural design, which are inherent to many bridge and building projects we undertake. We have developed effective relationships with our mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental associates through numerous projects; and, when appropriate, Q&E can be one-stop for successful delivery of a multidisciplinary project.


The spectrum of our services includes completing Municipal Class Environmental Assessments, detailed bridge condition surveys, securing permits and approvals, financial analysis, design, and contract administration. Whether it is a design of a new bridge/culvert or rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, our team will tailor solutions to meet financial and scheduling constraints while ensuring code compliance.


Q&E’s building services encompass design of new buildings, rehabilitation, redevising/repurposing, seismic upgrade, structural inspection, evaluation, and audits. We understand the building code and work effectively with planners, architects, and building officials to achieve our client’s goals.


Q&E works with some of the most reputable General Contractors in Central and Eastern Ontario. Providing engineering services for design of formwork and falsework for concrete structures, shoring and temporary protection systems for earth excavation, dewatering and bypass systems for bridge/culvert projects, jacking of bridges and performing quality verification engineering services.


Our team has extensive experience in the steel fabrication industry, and we have been providing support to fabrication shops since inception of our firm. We assist our clients with the preparation of erection and shop drawings, and design of complex structural connections.


Q&E provides on-going engineering services to some of the largest manufacturing plants in Eastern Ontario. Our team works effectively with aggressive plant shut down schedules to provide engineering support for process maintenance, upgrades, and expansion, helping our clients avoid down time and maintain production.


Complimentary to the services we provide in the industrial sector, Q&E also offers pre-start health and safety reviews, for the implementation of new equipment or modifications of to existing equipment, reducing risk and ensuring compliance with Regulation 851.


As part of our on-going effort to enhance the spectrum of our services, Q&E now offers specialized inspection and testing services. We have invested into resources and equipment to enable us to complete detailed bridge deck condition surveys in accordance with MTO standards and various types of destructive and non-destructive testing on materials, such as, steel and concrete. We can provide the following inspection/testing services:

  • concrete/asphalt sampling/testing
  • corrosion potential mapping
  • rebar scanning including bar sizing, location, and concrete cover measurement
  • concrete delamination survey
  • drone inspection (allowing us to visually inspect areas that are difficult to access)
  • visual, liquid penetrant, and magnetic particle inspection of welds
  • material thickness measurements
  • In-situ concrete compressive strength estimate


Q&E has a reputation for taking on unique and challenging engineering projects in all facets of structural engineering. Our extensive expertise includes design of sign support structures, material handling and mechanical support structures, retaining walls and slope stabilization structures, environmental storage/containment facilities, fall arrest and prevention anchorage systems, corrosion prevention engineering, post disaster structural audit, and development of special concrete mix designs, and dam safety reviews and design.