Church Steeple Repairs

Structural investigation and rehabilitation of an historic stone masonry church steeple and heavy timber interior support structure.

Seagrave Bridge Rehabilitation

Detailed design, and contract administration for the rehabilitation of a steel pony truss bridge.

Bay Bridge Road CPR Overpass

Designed a single span integral bridge carrying 5 vehicular lanes and 2 pedestrian walkways. The structure consists of a steel girder composite concrete deck and cast-in-place concrete substructure founded on steel piles.

Latta Bridge Jacking

Completed a detailed structural analysis and design of bridge jacking to facilitate rehabilitation work.

Otonabee River Pedestrian Bridge

Designed a 4-span steel pony truss bridge with a combined length of over 140 meters. The structure is founded on concrete abutments and steel piles and integrated with existing adjacent CP rail bridge abutments and piers.

Acoustic Barrier

Designed an acoustic barrier consisting of cantilevered steel piles infilled with wood fencing.

Wells Ford Dealership Addition

Designed retrofits for the existing roof structure to accommodate a new canopy and re-roofing, an addition consisting of steel moment frames, reinforced concrete substructure, new barrier free access ramps, mezzanines, and a steel tower marquee.

PV and Solar Collector Systems

Completed structural evaluation of the existing building and design of the mounting and ballast system for a photovoltaic and solar collector systems.

Fabricland Ottawa

Detailed design of a new single storey retail building.

Beach Road Rehabilitation 2019

Detailed design, and contract administration for the rehabilitation of Beach Road and Beech Road Bridge. Scope of work also included design of new sea wall along Hungry Bay.

Havelock Dam

Detailed design and contract administration for a concrete dam.